Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ama gonna be a writer!

Or mabey not given my lack of spelling and grammar which seem to be getting worse as time goes on (Can you develop dyslexia?).

To put it simply, I've decided to join together all the random bits of Waveriders I've written so far and try to form it into a workable novel of some kind. I'll be doing this for 2 main reasons:

  1. I enjoy creative writing and I love the Waverider characters.
  2. It'll give me something to keep my mind occupied when I'm awake at 3am/stressed out/bored.
So yeah... much fun will commence.

So far I'm still working on finding the already written chunks and for some kind of plan and plot line. Can't have the story jump from M6 as a slave to being Medi on the Talisman without a slavers market and all the fun of that.

Shall go do some actual studying now (well, do the dishes first) and then work a bit on me plan.


  1. Hmmm. Study smart but not study hard girl. Cool. You wanna be a writer. I'm a writer in my country. Nice blog and keep at it. I hope that you also can jump into my blog. Lets be a follower of mine and hope that we can keep in touch so that can share view. Keep at ur ambition to be a writer. Hope ur can be a reality.

    brohandzalah at

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  2. Your gonna be writer to?

    Pardin the grammer. :D

    Honestly, I can't worry about that kind of stuff when I'm writing. Words I thought I knew are typed totally wrong because my mind is on other things. I thought I was alone, maybe I'm not anymore.
    Great blog, btw.