Monday, 26 January 2009

Yay for Monday mornings!

Okay, that sounded way more cheerful than I feel.
It is 10am, I've been up for about an hour and I'm bored. I have a pile of things that need done but no enthusiasm to do them. Thus I am creating a reward system for today...yay! Yeah I know behaviourism at it's best, but it does work with me.

I have finally managed to drag together all the bits of Waveriders I have had stored and have sorted out the junk for the useful. Did find an interesting scrap that I'll probably not use but had an awesome description of a monkey;

Now that the crisis was over, Medi settled to packing away her medical supplies. As she rolled up the last of the bandages Sprocket came running in screeching at her. "Sorry, I don't speak 'Sprocket'" She said waving an unwoven bandage at the creature. Digits had called it a monkey earlier but as it grabbed the bandage, ran off to a corner and began trying to bandage it's self, Medi decided it was really a small furry child that had been given a tail to allow it to cause more mischief. And she needed that bandage back.

I have no idea what crisis lead to this or why Medi why I decieded Medi didn't know what a monkey was but there you go. I should go do some studying, for each section of the book I finish I get to read a chapter of the book I'm... well... reading ( Slave Girl by Jackie French).


  1. Ooh, I like it. And rewards work! I'm allowing myself five minutes of AW when I'm done with this little written assignment I'm doing. :)

  2. I'm using lollipops and cookies and DVDs for rewards can't use books cause I get caught up on the story and forget to stop.