Monday, 9 February 2009

Feburary Writing Challenge - Repsonse 1

No big post today, just my response to the challenge I set on Friday.

I took part in the most important of meetings, was there when all the important company decisions were made, knew all the office gossip. Then there was the Christmas party, office olypimcs. It was the finals of the triathalon, the runners approached and lept the desks onto me and the cute one from accounting. Things were going so well, till we took a turn to sharp and I hit my leg off the wall. I spun out of control and we lost. I still remember that cute one from accounting looking so pleased that I was injured. Now I sit surrounded by broken office equpiment; a printer that only prints blank pages, staplers that refuse to staple, a water cooler missing it's nozzel, and me. I know I've been replaced by now, by a younger more fashionable model, so I sit here remembering days gone by. A time when I used to have 5 wheels.


  1. I feel so sad...

    But this was so well written! Inanimate object. Plot. Mystery. Strong conclusion. In one paragraph!

    *is jealous*

  2. Don't be jealous!
    Actually took me a week to write and I still think it came out too rushed.

    I'll try and make Monday's happier, maybe a love story or something.