Monday, 16 February 2009

Monthly Challege Responce 2 and ranting

First the ranting!
I hate economics. I really do. Right now I'm supposed to be preparing for a mock exam on Weber, Foucault and Keynes and their theories and I. Do. Not. Understand!!....I'mma gonna fail.

Just started reading about Social Democratic Political Tradition and I have no clue what it's talking about, I mean come on, I want to study psychology not politics... and this is hard! I kinda want to quite and resit the whole year hoping I'll understand it more, I know I could ignore this unit and still pass the whole year but it would be annoying to have a bare pass when if I could only grasp this I could get a much better grade.

Anyway.. onto more interesting things. This following paragraph has not been thought out or planned and is just being thrown up (writers word vomit):

I sit here locked behind this glass and I can not help but think that you are a hypocrite. You refuse to watch football because you see it as a meaningless violent sport, you discipline you children for using violence to solve their problems. And yet. You own me. A "True man's sport" you call it, "natural instinct" you say. "Death." I call it, "Uncalled for" I say. You find it horrifying and disturbing to find a high school student has just shot dead his parents, and yet fail to see the families you rip apart. Above your fireplace hangs the stuffed head of our last victim, never again shall that majestic animal see the loving eyes of a mate, watch the growth of a child or eat with a friend. And you claim this slaughtering is civilised. Be thankful I can not talk, for I would tell you to cancel next weekend, that I no longer want to play my part in your primitive pleasures. I may have been created to destroy lives but I was created to defend you, or feed you... instead I am used for your entertainment and I would rather be shattered into a million pieces than watch another innocent fall because of my use in your random act of mindlessness.


  1. Wow, I didn't think it was possible but this is better than the last one.
    Once again: WOW

  2. It was word vomit, had no idea where I was going when I started it. The original idea was a fishing rod that didn't like fish and wanted to stay home by the fire instead.

    Thanks for the encouragement.