Monday, 23 February 2009

Writing Challenge Responce 3

Okay so I have a 19 page booklet on writing essays and evaluating theories to finish plus the staff that should have been finished 3 weeks ago so this is going to be really quick, I apologise now if this makes very little sense as like the last one I'm just going to word vomit it out and see what happens. Thanks to those at AW for voting for the idea. (Also this is being posted at 23:42 GMT so I'm just making it on time.)

We live beneath you bed, slowly amassing our army. Over time our numbers grow and we become stronger. We have only one enemy, the roaring, howling beast which shakes the floor and feeds on our numbers but as the years have past it has visited us less and less yet we still hear it roam beyond our cavern. You call us 'bunnies' a cute word which does not reflect the horror we shall one day visit upon you and your family. We have also seen the bunnies in the magazine you have hid under here with us and be assured we will not bring as much enjoyment and one of those foul creatures. We are growing, in numbers and strength, one day we shall stretch out beyond the confides of this dark space and you shall be ours!


  1. LOL, AN. This one is great too, but not in a dramatic way like the others. It was funny, almost. And totally entertaining. Loved it!

    psst... I'm afraid of looking under my bed. Not because dust bunnies are scary but because I know how many are down there. Ick!

  2. Yes, I think your blog looks very professional!! :)