Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Monthly Writing Challenge Responce 2

I know this is late but I'm going to post it anyway. Thanks for the inspiration goes to my mum's dog Max.

You say I'm to small to see out the window but just because I can't see the garden shed or the flowerbeds doesn't mean I don't see the view. From my position sitting on the floor I can look out at the wisps of clouds as the float across the sparkling blue sky, I can watch the birds twist and soar as the play their joyful games. I can see the smoke from the farm's chimney and the tops of trees littered with birds singing of their happy days. You claim I can't see but to me it is you who is loosing out on the magical skyward world I can view with ease. From the corner, from a distant land an aeroplane drags it's signature across my view, like a giant finger signing this work of art. I see further than you do, my view does not end at the garden wall but stretches on further than you can imagine. I know that as I grow my view will change, from the same window I will see, as you do, the garden shed and flowerbeds. Until then I shall live in my skyworld, seeing the heights that only get noticed by those to small to see anything else, to small to see anything but the bigger picture.


  1. Very beautiful! I love the description and the symbolic nature of the piece. I really like how you tie it in to how people say the world differently and how this difference can be due to age. (Of course this is just my opinion and I could have read something in this that is either not there, or differing to some other persons view.) I truly like your writing! Keep it up!

  2. very good.... i like the way you're exploring the idea of ones view on the world changing the older one gets... :)

  3. Wow. AN, you have a talent. Re-write my book, please?

  4. Thanks for the comments, I was having a philisophical moment when I wrote it...

    Okays so acctualy I was thinking Max is sitting beside me on the couch and can see the birds flying over head, I can only see the garden shed and the trees and the end of the garden... hmm.. paragarph time.

    No Race I will not re-write your book.