Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Here is the opening for chapter 2 of THaN, enjoy.

The Nest was in the ideal location for the Ravens. Once you had trekked for 3 days through the dangerous woodland you were still faced with the deep pit surrounding the high stone walls. Even they only lead into a courtyard which was always heavily guarded, though mainly to stop people getting out rather than in. As they walked M6 realised this was the first time in 5 years most of them had been outside the Nest's walls. It was a strange realisation. The last time they had travelled this path there had been more of them, scared and confused, no one very sure of what lay in store when they reached their destination. They fear hadn't gone away, they were still heading into the unknown but it was a different type of unknown. This time they knew where they journey would end and, in one way or another, how.

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  1. Oh! I can't wait for more. I can't wait!

    I love it, particularly as a chapter opening.