Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Teaser Tuesday!

This is one of our new features. Every Tuesday (hopefully) I'll be posting a short extract from whatever I'm working on. Today it's my wonderful opening to 'To Have a Name.' Enjoy!

As she stretched to clean the next shelf the criss-cross straps of her slave uniform moved to fully expose the Raven brand on the back of her shoulder. This movement was noticed but not commented on by a balding old man who sat on a stool in the far corner of the room. He was dividing his time between insulting the girl and quizzing her,
"Ingredients and use of Fever Fluid." Without pausing in her cleaning she responded,
"1-part salt, 4-parts sugar, 10-parts water. Used to combat fever. Sir." She dipped her cloth in the bucket of greyish water beside her and began on another shelf. She was used to days like this and had developed a method of blocking out most of what was said, only responding to the questions and nothing else. Sometimes it was hard.
"Also used to clean wounds if the water has been boiled!" The man barked, thumping his foot off the ground. The girl didn't flinch. “When I was given the 10 of you to train, I would have put money on it being you that I got to throw out first,” he snarled, an evil grin forming on his face, “Of course, I still might.” Dip rag. Wring Rag. Clean Shelf. She knew the old man could make good on that threat in so many ways, her stomach tightened as she thought about the poor boy who had been thrown out of their group. It was all rumours really but it had been said that he was a few years younger than her, with the clumsy awkwardness that comes at that age. She knew he had not been transferred which could only mean one thing.
The man continued speaking, his rough voice tearing her back from her thoughts. “The one I did get rid of though, now there was a nuisance. The mistakes he made.” He shook his head, laughing. “He made even you look like an expert.”


  1. Still amazing! Can't wait to read more! (hint hint :D )

  2. but Race, you've read the whole first chapter! And I've read almost none of yours (hint hint)