Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Here is a chapter 1 excerpt from THaN. I really like the feelings that come across in this bit and I hope you do too.

She tried not to flinch as her thumb was strapped. A week before the big slave market and she'd been stupid enough to think that they wouldn't have risked punishing them too severely, wouldn't have risked injuring them. After all, who wants damaged goods? What use is a slave who can't produce a high standard of work due to injury? As the other slave finished tying the bandage he reached up to wipe a stray tear from her face, his warm hand soothing her mind. Raising her eyes she sighed and opened her mouth slightly, perhaps to thank him. He leaned forward, cupping her face in his hand. She gulped slightly moving slightly closer. Her eyes locked on his, the feeling behind them entrancing her. He closed his eyes slightly. The moment held, caught like her breath. And then it was over. The door opened and the rest of the slaves piled in, laughing and chatting, focused on settling down for the night. Separating, the two parted and headed for their respective sleeping areas. Each wishing the moment had lasted longer but fearing what would have happened if it had.

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