Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Wow 2 updates in a row... I am doing well. Enjoy :)

As Agent 2 entered the interrogation room she couldn't help but feel uneasy. One of their number knew something about 9's disappearance it was just a case of finding out who and what information they had. She dropped her notebook and voice recorder onto the table and lowered herself into the seat waiting until the last possible moment to look at Agent 1. “What if 9 is dead and I'm facing his killer?” Starting the recorder she asked the usual preliminary questions of name, residence and relation to the subject.
“So, Agent, can you tell me what you where doing between the hours of 1800 last night and 0800 this morning?” It was hard to follow training and keep this formal but she did her best knowing exactly what was at stake if she made a mistake. Agent 1 paused for a moment before answering, he too was aware of how crucial this investigation was.
“I returned to the male living quarters at around 1815 to shower and change. Agent's 3, 5 and I had plans to heat up some frozen pizza and watch a film to unwind after the day's training. Agent 7 said he wanted to practise cooking some new recipe he had found so offered to do the pizzas for us.” Agent 2 smiled, Agent 7's cooking was well known and he often used his free time to try out new recipes. It looked as if the previous night had been no different.
“At about 1930 we sat down to watch the film, it finished around 2115 and I went to my room to read before going to sleep.” Agent 1 finished. He knew he would be of no help, he had not seen Agent 9 since the end of training but had been told that he had chosen to eat alone and go over his notes from the day.
“What about Agent 9?” Agent 2 noticed the absence of any information on the real reason they were there.
“I'm afraid I can't help you there,” Agent 1 sighed, “Agent 7 mentioned that he had taken some food to his room and was planning to study his notes but I'm afraid I never saw him after training finished.” Agent 1 nodded and after checking a few more facts such as who collected the food from the kitchen and what film the had watched she thanked the Agent for his time and stood to leave. As she reached the door Agent 1 called out, “Whatever the outcome, this is going to be hard on us all.”
Closing the door behind her Agent 2 lent against the wall and tried to calm herself. Agent 1 was right. The fallout from this could destroy The Mission.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Monthly Writing challenge responce

Over the next week, a new blog will be appearing attached to this account, I'll announce ti when it arrives so be sure to check it out. There will also be changes happening to the layout of this blog, new background image etc. so stay tuned for that.

Sprocket stared at the stranger, she was not amused.
At the center of the earth there is not a ball of hot metal. There is no lava, no inflammable gases. At the center of the earth, there is Sprocket.
There is also Sprocket's tribe and the other tribes who called the center of the Earth home. This stranger did not amuse anyone, this stranger meant The Waring Ones had found a way in and peace would soon be a blissful memory.
Sprocket and her tribe must act fast if the are to protect the peace of their home from the invasion of the surface dwellers. But is peace really something which should be fought for?

Monday, 17 August 2009

Monthly writing challenge repsonce

I apologise for the lack of posting last week , see the absentnormality blog for details.

With the prospect of war casting it's shadow over everything it seemed a good time to take the teenagers away for a long weekend at the local outdoor center. Katya had been coerced into going due to knowing the center so well, despite her protests that church wasn't really her thing anymore. After the bombs fell, Katya realised she had far more to fear than just admiting her misdeeds and lack of faith to old friends and work colleagues.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Caos ensued yesterday so I may post the monthly challenge repsonse later in the week as I did promise Race I would post it. Today you get an edited and extened version of something I posted in January but really like and want to keep in this version of THaN.

Now that the crisis was over, Medi surveyed the damage caused to the supply room. As she began picking up items and storing them Sprocket came running in screeching at her.
"Sorry, I don't speak 'Sprocket'" She said waving the unwoven bandage she had just picked up at the creature. Digit had called Sprocket a 'monkey' earlier but as it grabbed the bandage, ran off to a corner and began trying to wrap it's self up, Medi decided it was really a small furry child that had been given a tail to allow it to cause more mischief. And she needed that bandage back. Sighing, she pulled the large trunk of medical supplies closer to herself and began packing away what she could, perhaps if the 'monkey' tied it's self up it would cause less michief for then next few hours and she could get some work done.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Crazy week

Apart from yesterday's little poem I have written nothing this week, to much else going on. Progress has been made with the characters for me new project and I hope to unveil that at some point next week.

For those of you in the know, Ravensworth is hopefully going to pick back up again soon, I sent an eamil to members this morning with regard to that.

Not much other news I'm afraid, THaN is at 3126 words which is less than I'd hoped it would be at by now but at least it's plodding.

Right, I'm off to do some more work on this new project.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

I Love...

A poem for J who is loved more than strawberry milk, sleepy cuddles, happy meals and everything else in the world put together.

I Love...

Those extra minutes spent in bed,
The way you sometimes rub my head,
The sound of wind through autumn leaves,
The eagerness with which you please,
Bubbles, ice cream and childish fun,
The way your eyes shine in the sun.

The moments of laughter through all the tears,
How you promise to conquer all my fears,
The times your there when the world is tough,
How your always gentle and never rough,
This is why I love you.

The now clean room that was a muddle,
The fact your happy to sit and cuddle,
The starry sky on a cloudless night,
The way you hold me safe and tight,
Cheeseburgers, milkshakes and duvet days,
The way you show you care in so many ways,

The moments of laughter through all the tears,
How you promise to conquer all my fears,
The times your there when the world is tough,
How your always gentle and never rough,
This is why I love you.

With all my heart,
This is why I love you.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Monthly Challenge - August

This month I have not written a challenge, Race has. She is holding her annual Novel Idea contest where she asks writers to submit story ideas that they have thought of but for some reason may never write.

Everyone should check it out, there is even a prize! Linky!

As usual I shall be posting my responses here every Monday from now till the end of the month.
Have fun!