Monday, 24 August 2009

Monthly Writing challenge responce

Over the next week, a new blog will be appearing attached to this account, I'll announce ti when it arrives so be sure to check it out. There will also be changes happening to the layout of this blog, new background image etc. so stay tuned for that.

Sprocket stared at the stranger, she was not amused.
At the center of the earth there is not a ball of hot metal. There is no lava, no inflammable gases. At the center of the earth, there is Sprocket.
There is also Sprocket's tribe and the other tribes who called the center of the Earth home. This stranger did not amuse anyone, this stranger meant The Waring Ones had found a way in and peace would soon be a blissful memory.
Sprocket and her tribe must act fast if the are to protect the peace of their home from the invasion of the surface dwellers. But is peace really something which should be fought for?

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