Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Wow 2 updates in a row... I am doing well. Enjoy :)

As Agent 2 entered the interrogation room she couldn't help but feel uneasy. One of their number knew something about 9's disappearance it was just a case of finding out who and what information they had. She dropped her notebook and voice recorder onto the table and lowered herself into the seat waiting until the last possible moment to look at Agent 1. “What if 9 is dead and I'm facing his killer?” Starting the recorder she asked the usual preliminary questions of name, residence and relation to the subject.
“So, Agent, can you tell me what you where doing between the hours of 1800 last night and 0800 this morning?” It was hard to follow training and keep this formal but she did her best knowing exactly what was at stake if she made a mistake. Agent 1 paused for a moment before answering, he too was aware of how crucial this investigation was.
“I returned to the male living quarters at around 1815 to shower and change. Agent's 3, 5 and I had plans to heat up some frozen pizza and watch a film to unwind after the day's training. Agent 7 said he wanted to practise cooking some new recipe he had found so offered to do the pizzas for us.” Agent 2 smiled, Agent 7's cooking was well known and he often used his free time to try out new recipes. It looked as if the previous night had been no different.
“At about 1930 we sat down to watch the film, it finished around 2115 and I went to my room to read before going to sleep.” Agent 1 finished. He knew he would be of no help, he had not seen Agent 9 since the end of training but had been told that he had chosen to eat alone and go over his notes from the day.
“What about Agent 9?” Agent 2 noticed the absence of any information on the real reason they were there.
“I'm afraid I can't help you there,” Agent 1 sighed, “Agent 7 mentioned that he had taken some food to his room and was planning to study his notes but I'm afraid I never saw him after training finished.” Agent 1 nodded and after checking a few more facts such as who collected the food from the kitchen and what film the had watched she thanked the Agent for his time and stood to leave. As she reached the door Agent 1 called out, “Whatever the outcome, this is going to be hard on us all.”
Closing the door behind her Agent 2 lent against the wall and tried to calm herself. Agent 1 was right. The fallout from this could destroy The Mission.

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