Saturday, 12 September 2009

A request of sorts

For those that failed to realise what yesterday's post was about, I'm engaged. I have just over a year to plan my wedding. There phrase 'EEEKKK!' comes to mind but that's only because I border on obsessive when it comes to having to organise things.

Now I have a lot of friends who for one reason or another will not be able to attend the actual day it's self and, being my usual strapped for cash self, I wish to flip this tragedy upside down and present a proposal of my own.

To those unable to attend the day (or those who don't feel they know me well enough to blag an invite out of me) I'm looking for poetry and flash fiction pieces that I can uses as decoration (yes really) and boredom busters throughout the day. If your interested, let me know via our usual means of communication. If you want any details (his hair colour, where we met etc.) I can happily provide it. Writers will, of course, retain full ownership of their works so you can go publish it elsewhere if you want.

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