Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Teaser Tueday

Today I have been editing THaN (and listening to 9 Days, 3 Doors Down and Bowling for Soup.... don't ask) thus this is a horribly written bit from part way through chapter 3, I appologise for the bad writting. I'll fix it with lots of editing.

As the wagons rolled across the cobbled streets, M6 was amazed. The town hadn't changed at all in the 5 years since she had last been there. As they walked along the front street, she saw ships of all sizes gathered in the port. She was sure she could walk for a mile off shore and never get her feet wet there were so many boats pushing for space in the harbor. Port Ambrose was a prosperous town, built from stone and given a fresh coat of paint every year before the market so that everything looked clean and new and expensive. In front of them loomed the large iron gates that marked the entrance to the market place. Bound in chains as she passed through them this time, she was barely able to suppress a shiver as she remembered being dragged through 5 years previously. Then bound by rope and half beaten. Ready to be sold by some lowly street thief for a few copper bits. He had found her playing by the dock the day before, with no parents keeping a watchful eye. He had easily forced her back to some stinking room where she put up so much of a fight he decided she was not worth the bother of keeping. The memory flooded over her and her breathing quickened. A calming voice whispered in her ear as the walked on,
“You're alright. You can do this.” She smiled slightly, in spite of her fear. It was not long before they pulled up along side the Raven's auction house. A 2 story wooden structure with dorms upstairs and a ground floor separated into many wooden cages to allow potential buyers to browse. Outside a raised platform allowed the Officer's to present the slaves for sale at the front of the building while a large wooden hut at the back housed all the new recruits that the Raven's managed to acquire over the few days they were here.

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