Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Yesterday's post was ignored as Race announced the results of the contest and I felt no need to attempt to contribute any more. (Contest results here)

It was not until they were settling down for the night. To say excitement was high would be wrong, but some feeling of apprehension kept the camp buzzing that night and may slaves where whispering to those beside them as M6 finally received her answer. Sitting beside her M4 cleared his throat,
“I'd be lying if I said I didn't want anything from you.” He paused, unsure of his words, and caught sight of her face, “Please don't glare at me like that. I don't mean I want to use you, I mean I want... i want to protect you, I want to look after you.” He stared down at the tufts of grass sprouting between the rocks at his feet. “The hardest part about this journey is that at the end, I'll never see you again.” M6 had no idea how to respond. She now knew he didn't want anything from her, or at least nothing that she would refuse to give. She had always felt a connection to M4, they had worked together a lot over the past 5 years. He was older than she was and had been there right from the start, bandaging her wounds when her mouth got the better of her. And she in turn had offered him cloths to dry his tears over the family he had lost. They had always been there for each other. She had never quite realised that this journey would mean the end of all that. Nor had she realised how strongly he felt about her, about wanting to be with her. Reaching out she gently brushed her hand against his cheek, attempting to draw his attention away from the dirt and back to her,
“I didn't realise.” She stated simply, “I hadn't thought about what would happen at the market, that these were our last days together, that...” She froze, his hand was on her cheek, his eyes gazing into hers. “What are you?” She tried to ask what he was doing, what he was thinking, but a small shake of his head silenced her. His free hand found hers and drew her closer. Cupping her chin, he tilted her face up so he could continue to stare straight into her eyes. The world around them seemed to fall away, despite the soft chatter of the others all they could hear was their own breathing, their own heartbeats, their own soft sighs as the slowly drew closer than they had ever been to each other. The moonlight danced in his eyes and for a fleeting moment M6 realised that this could be what love felt like. But the moment passed as a tightly gripping hand pressed down on her shoulder.


  1. I seriously love that part! They are so good together. :( (frowning because I have not received any happy-ending hints from Fi).

  2. I really don't want to tell you what is planned for M4.