Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Not a Teaser Tuesday

Continuing our quest to learn more about THaN's MC, I present Part 2: Growing up.

1. How would you describe your childhood in general?
I feel I had a normal childhood, I had plenty of friends and loving parents.

2. What is your earliest memory?

Sitting on Father's lap while Mam taught me my letters on the big coloring board, I was 3 summers old.

3. Did you enjoy school?

Mam taught me well, I really enjoyed my schooling.

4. How much schooling have you had?

As Mam is a teacher I have been attending school since I was born. I have, however received my official 10 years of schooling.

5. Where did you learn most of your skills and abilities?

In school with Mam and at the Nest, training as a slave.

6. While growing up, did you have any roles models? If so, describe them.

Mam and Father were brilliant role models, they taught me how to respect people and myself.

7. While growing up, how did you get along with the other members of your

I got on well with Mam and Father, we were very close and had a lot of fun together, unless Father was working.

8. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a teacher, like mam.

9. As a child what were your favourite activities?

Playing with my friends and learning new skills. We once went camping with just a blanket and a knife each, Father came to fetch us before moonrise though as it was midwinter and we would have frozen to death.

10. As a child, what kinds of personality traits did you display?

As a child I was very inquisitive, I wanted to learn how things worked and why. I was very confident and often spoke when I should have kept my mouth shut. I got into trouble a fair bit.

11. As a child, were you popular? Who were your friends and what were they like?

I had a close group of 7 friends, 3 boys and 4 girls. We had a lot of adventures, we did our studies and then would play games in the local woodland until moonrise.

12. When and with whom was your first kiss?

I have never been kissed.

13. Are you a virgin? If not, when and with whom did you lose your virginity?

I am still a virgin.

14. If you are a supernatural being, tell the story of how you became what you are
or first learned of your abilities. If you are just a normal human, describe any influences in your past that led you to do the things you do today.
Mam and Father taught me to respect others, especially if they had more power than me. Thus I do my best to do what I am told. My capture and sale when I was 12 left me very frightened and scared of strangers. M4 has helped me regain most of my confidence but the hardships of my training have left me more cautious and less adventurous and outspoken than I was as a child.

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