Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Teaser Wednesday?

Okay so 1) today is Wednesday and 2) this is an extract from my NaNo. Deal with it.

We were writing short stories in English class today based on a study group being interrupted from a unique point of view. I guess given that this is my journal, I can write my story here too.
"Upstairs was a magical place. Elsie and I, despite dad's warnings kept sneaking back up to have 'just one more' look. Up there, taking up every available seat and stool were grown-ups. Each grown-up sat in silence typing away on their laptop. Elsie and I had no idea what they where doing but to us it seemed enchanting. Down below we could hear the chatter of our parents, the clattering of the café owner serving coffee and some soft background music. Upstairs, while we could still hear all those noises, they seemed to be drowned out by the clacking of keys, soft rustles as someone moved and the occasional cough from a lady in the corner who had a cold. Dad and mum were taking it in turns to drag us away from our spot at the top of the stairs. But always the lure of it would call to us and we would creep back up those stairs to watch the adults. Once, Elsie dared me to go and take a book from one of the shelves up there. I slowly entered that hallowed place and had the book, picked at random, in my hands when dad shouted. I guess he and mum had grown tired of chasing us down from there. We left shortly after and never did find out what those mysterious grown-ups where doing in that strange little room upstairs."
It's not very good but the best I could come up with at the time.

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