Wednesday, 10 February 2010

What happens when I tidy.

As more and more wedding stuff arrives and needs storing I've taken to packing stuff away and clearing things out. This morning I went through 1 box, a magazine rack and a set of file drawers. Managed to sort everything from them into a little basket (for medicines) and the magazine rack (for the gifts I need for this year and some other oddities I need). I'm quite proud of myself.

In the process I came across a pile of paper covered in my wonderful scrawl. From what I can make out they're the exercises from when I read the 'Novel in a year' book by Louise Doughty. Random character biographies, bits written from different points of view. Some very strange sections including bits that have since been worked into THaN. So given I'm not really writing at the moment I thought I'd use them for the next few Teaser Tuesdays then, hopefully, I'll go back and re-do all the 'not-a-teaser' stuff and finish that finally. Sound like a good plan?

Anyway, I've no got junk scattered across my floor so need to go and bin the most of it and tidy away the rest.

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