Monday, 24 May 2010


Here is an extract from THaN:

Each slaved washed from head to toe and pulled on their clean uniforms, setting the others aside to be washed when they returned from the ceremony. M4 slipped behind M6, running a finger along one of the straps on her top, straightening it out and sending a chill down her spine. Beside her she heard M2 sigh, no doubt she had seen M4's move.

Want to know the inspiration behind it? A Swimsuit. That's right, the whole idea of the slaves uniform came from a swimsuit I owned at the time. It had straps that started of braided then once the were over the shoulder came apart and interlaced before ending separately at points along the back.
Here's another extract:

As she stretched to clean the next shelf the criss-crossed straps of her slave uniform moved to fully expose the Raven brand on the back of her shoulder. This movement was noticed, but not commented on by a balding old man who sat on a stool in the far corner of the room.

That slave uniform is there but so is a new location. The inspiration this time came from a session of cleaning out a serving area at work. Thought it wasn't an old man on the stool behind me it was my boss and she was on the phone.
And just for fun have a third extract:

As the other slave finished tying the bandage he reached up to wipe a stray tear from her face, his warm hand soothing her mind. Raising her eyes she sighed and opened her mouth slightly, perhaps to thank him. He leaned forward, cupping her face in his hand. She gulped slightly moving slightly closer. Her eyes locked on his, the feeling behind them entrancing her. He closed his eyes slightly. The moment held, caught like her breath. And then it was over.

The inspiration for this bit? To many cheesy Christmas films at the end of last year.

Inspiration comes from many places and it can lead to many things. I always find it interesting to learn where people found their inspiration and why it turned into what it did. And it's worth remembering that inspiration truly can come from anywhere.
In just less than a week I'm travelling to America to visit two amazing fellow writers, I'll be with Race for a week and a half and Greeny for 2 and a half weeks. I'll see lots, do lots and no doubt come back with a notebook full of inspiration. Some of which will hopefully be used to continue THaN

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