Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Beeing Buzy... BUZZ!

Lots of changes happening right now. Lots of things going on that I'm getting excited about and some that I'm less excited about but still happy with.

The start of this month marked 150 days until my wedding (we're now at 137). There's a lot of planning and emailing and spending and budgeting going on surrounding that which is taking up a surprising amount of time. And my soon to be brother-in-law is also engaged so 6 months after I get married (gaining 2 brothers) I also gain a sister which is cool.

I'm also slowly working on THaN again and at some point this week plan to print Shadows to get started on the edits and rewriting that needs done there. I'm debating starting a new project but there's nothing really jumping up and down yelling 'Write me!" at the moment so probably best not to do that. Having said that there may be a collaboration project* going on between me and Race at some point, which may yield either textual or visual results, you'll have to stay tuned to find out.

Due to reshuffling of my bookshelf, the Eden Project folder is now more accessible so there may well be some more writing added to that. At the moment it's all hand written though so I'm not sure if I want to keep writing by hand or type it up and then work on it some more. The eventual plan is to send it to Race (she is getting mentioned a lot today... I need more writer friends) to help with the edits since the whole thing was her idea. It'll probably be next year before I can move it on to the next stage, but do look out for it cause it's going to be awesome. I should probably add planning the last half of it to my to-do list though instead of trying to wing it cause that could end in disaster.

Well, that's you're lot for today. I shall try to update a bit more often from now on though don't count on it. I also have studying to do and housework, and exercising and... you get the idea.

(Yes the title is a joke which probably only Race understands.)

*If you really are interested in this let me know as we may well expand it a bit.

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