Thursday, 1 July 2010!

Some of you may have noticed the new blog look but theres one other thing about the page that has changed. Do you see it? Try looking to the left. There you go.

While To Have a Name is a fun project and it it something I plan to go back to eventually, I'm now working on a new project.

This one is YA romance and within 48 hours of the original idea had an entire cast of complex characters and sub plots and exciting twists and turns. There are 4 amazing female characters and a whole load of brilliant boyfriends (and a girlfriend) as well as parents and teachers and a couple of brothers. Everything is still very much in the early stages and I'm really hoping that this one progresses further than the other projects currently living in the trunk. We shall see.

I'm off to tidy my floor so I can do some more planning. Check back soon though because I may have another exciting change to inform you off in the next few days if it all goes well.

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