Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The dreaded lurgy

It got to last Thursday and i hadn't finished a single book and I hadn't filmed any of Friday's vlog and I figured I'd do lots of reading and filming on Friday. Best laid plans and all that...

I ended up really ill over the weekend with some flu like thingy so while I did mange to finish one book I didn't have the energy to film or blog about the book. And of course Monday was the day we realised that with just over 100 days to go we need to completely re-shuffle the wedding guest list and the roles everyone is playing in that. So I've had no time to do trvial things like explain the lack of Friday video and Monday post.

I have finished Before I Die and Just In Case and I will review them at some point soon but right now I have enough other stuff to be getting on with before I get round to that. Of course I say this and then write the reviews at 6am tomorrow when I can't sleep, such is my life right now.

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