Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Links form student life

This morning I signed into Twitter to be greeted by this:

OpenUniversity: Want a career in writing? It's going to be tough, says author and OU honorary graduate Zoe Wicomb: http://bit.ly/cBi5Mw

It's a really good interview from Zoe that certainly gave me a new way of looking at the skill of writing. It also reminded me to share this:

Open University - Start Writing Fiction pod cast.

You don't need to be an OU student to access either of these but they are well worth a look at (or listen to). I did the Start Writing Fiction course last year and found it immensely helpful and these pod casts highlight the main points of the course.

Your homework for the week is to check out both links and write a comment with a minimum of 30 words on their content :D Or not.

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