Monday, 9 August 2010

Paper Vampires - book reviews!

Certainly not good if you're reading something that gets all deep and meaningful towards the end *glares at Paper Towns*. Anyway, lets review some books, they're both kinda short today.

Paper Towns by John Green

Margo Roth Spiegelman hijacks Quentin's life for one wild night before vanishing. She seems to have left a series of Margo-like clues behind her though which do not point to a happy ending. Quentin and his fiends race against time to unravel the enigma that I Margo and try to find her before it's to late.
I was really looking forward to this one and it didn't really disappoint. It's more deep than I expected it to be and there are lots of bits that really made me think about how I view the world and the people I interact with. If you're like me and tend to force yourself to stay awake to finish a book, I suggest not doing that with this one. The end is a bit to intense in a metaphysical way to be reading 3 hours after you should have been asleep. Apart from that though I really enjoyed this book. It does make you think about things, more than I think a lot of YA (or any) books do these days The character's were well thought out and full of delightful little quirks that you expect people to have but don't always happen in fiction. I would recommend it but be prepared to have to really pay attention to it at times, I had to keep re-reading sections to fully understand it.

Diary of A Wimpy Vampire (because the undead have feelings too) by Tim Collins

Nigel Mullet was transformed at the age of 15, and even 85 years later has not grown out of the awkwardness of teenage life. He never got the beauty or the speed or any of the super cool vampire powers he should have got when he transformed. It seems he doomed to wander the earth as the perpetual broody, whiny teenager, never managing to win the girl of his dreams.
I read this along side Paper Towns which was a good idea; partly because of the heavy-going-ness of some of the passages in Paper Towns and partly for the 'you are such an annoying MC' feeling of this. Yes, okay, I found the MC to be very annoying for most of this book. But it worked surprisingly well. For a case-study of how a character should change over the course of a book, this one is brilliant. there is such a stark contrast between the long rambling diary entries at the start to the short, cheerful ones at the end. Once I got used to haw depressed with his life Nigel is I started to enjoy the book. It is a very predictable 'My life sucks then I met a girl and all is peachy.' but it works. If you have a few hours to spare and want to read about the troubled life of a perpetually 15 year old then give it a shot.

I'm currently reading Cathrine Ford's Sugarcoated which is actually set not so many miles away from where I live and has a very jarring opening couple of chapters. SO you should definitely hope I post the review of it on Monday cause it'll be good.


  1. Paper Towns is something I'm interested in reading! I just need to get through my own TBR pile!

  2. Waiting for your next review!! I don't know if I'd be very open minded to anything that obviously tries to make its money off a popular book series (Diary of a Wimpy Kid). That said, I'm glad you (sort of) enjoyed it. :)

  3. Yeah, I remember reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid back when it was still only a web comic and this doesn't really compare. Not as much humour in it I didn't think.