Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Touring the bookshelf

Okay so today's video (click here) is more fan service for the one person I know actually views the videos.

As it toured my bookshelf (okay, one bookshelf and 3 media units stacked on top of each other) I realiesd just how few books I actually own. Surely as a writer this is not normal. Yeah okay I have 2 boxes of books packed away but their small boxes which only amount to about 12 more books. I do have an amazon book wish list that currently totals close to 300 books but I don't actually own that many.

I make extensive use of my local library, usually going through between 5 and 10 books from there a month (and it only take a month because I hate the 3 mile walk to return them and get more). And of course birthdays and Christmas are always times to ask for more books. I just feel that if I'm supposed to be a writer I should own more books. That and, you know, I love to read.

So what about you? Do you own shelves and shelves of books or just a select few that mean a lot to you?

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