Friday, 13 August 2010

When technology inhibits productivity.

So I sat down to write this about an hour ago which illustrates my point quite nicely.

For the past couple of days I've been getting up early and starting my day by doing my studying, trying to catch up to where my planner says I should be. I've been doing pretty well at it, I'm now only 2 weeks behind. I was feeling quite good about my productivity levels as each day I was getting through my to-do list quite happily.

And then today happened.

I woke up 3 hours late to start with and then my to-do list laughed in my face and magically expanded. Still, I can cope with that, just sit down and do my journal then my study and everything will be fine... right? Wrong. As I was stripping the bed and tidying away clothes I switched my computer on. My theory was that if I checked my emails first I'd be less concerned about rushing through my study to check them. That was 2 hours ago. I haven't showered, I haven't journalled, I haven't studied. I have read some blogs, done my daily blog commenting (I try to comment on 3 blogs a day), I've checked emails, I've played on facebook, I've read web comics and I've rpoled ( check it out).

In a way I have been productive. I've done all this stuff that I would probably have got done later in the day anyway. Except I'd have done it sitting in the living room with my fiance where as now when he arrives I'll need to be studying, that is after I make him take me to Asda because I have no time to get there and back on my own before he arrives.

Technology is great, I can check my emails on my phone, I can follow twitter in the car, I can chat to people form all over the world. I can type essays and blog posts and shop and study and do loads of really productive things. But it also eats time like crazy if your not disciplined enough to turn off that little voice that goes 'oh I'll just check this while I'm on'.
For example, I spent 20 minutes trying to log in to my university's community to read a blog post that I was only mildly interested in. And only because I'd seen it pop up on twitter which I was only on because a friend's facebook status was complaining about how few followers he had.

*deep breath*

Right, time to shut down *shudders* and actually be productive away from time-eating technology. If I'm lucky I'll get it all down before J arrives in 4 hours.

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  1. I know just what you mean. Blogging and stuff is such a distraction!!