Monday, 20 September 2010

Book review of dead days

Wonderful, loving, caring fiance gave me his cold which my poor stressed out body turned into the flu. Yay for me. I'll maintain I'm over it for now though.

The post you should have got on Friday will be put up this Friday when I have a bit more to say on the subject of how planning is going and what the next steps are. There will hopefully be a video and blog on Wednesday about casting novels and using visuals to inspire. Next Monday, I'm warning you now, there probably wont be a blog. My hen-do is this weekend and after it we're going to be finishing up all the wedding paperwork so I probably wont have time.

Today, however, you get a book review. Just the one in case by some miracle I manage to post on Monday and need another book to review, but you're at least getting something from me.

The Book of Dead Days by Marcus Sedgwick
This was an interesting little book. It's about a boy called, well.. Boy and his master/owner Valerian. Valerian is a magician who bartered with the devil for his magic skills and now only has until New Years day to live so is spending the days between Christmas and New Year (the 'dead days') trying to find a book he hopes will save his life. It's an odd little story. Boy lived on the streets before Valerian found him and took him in. He feels he owes it to Valerian to keep doing what he's told despite how badly Valerian treats him. Valerian, Boy and another stage hand from the theater, Willow set out to find the book and hopefully prolong Valerian's life.
It was an interesting book, very dark in places and at least 2 people died in it. It was well written if a little too creepy for my tastes (especially the bit about the animal experiments...ugh) so I probably wont be looking for the sequel. But if you're into dark and creepy then it is a good read.


  1. creepy and dark is my thing, but not sure I love the premise of this book. does sound somewhat interesting, but with all the reading that i still need to catch up on, this will probably be very low on my list. thanks for the review. :-)

  2. I described it to my mum as 'The last days of Dr. Faustus drags his slave boy along to find a book in an attempt to get out of his pact with the devil.'
    Faustus begin the main character in a play about a guy who sells his soul to the devil for control over a demon for 24 years.
    And seriously,watch out for the animal experiments scenes, stuff of nightmares those bits.