Thursday, 9 September 2010

Boring drivel

What, you guys are as excited about that as me? Your loss.

This will be short blog post, partly because I don't really have much to say and partly because I laughed tea all over my keyboard yesterday and half my keys are sticking.

First off, I should mention: There is no video this week.
I tried to film it and ended up only taking a picture of myself instead and now it's too dark to fill in decent lighting and I'm just giving up. I still haven't had a proper nights sleep so it's probably for the best.

Now, today I bough myself a document wallet, a new pencil case, some coloured sticky dots, some coloured index cards and a note pad. Then I took myself to the library where I proceeded to ORGANIZE! I now have lists of characters with coloured dots next to them indication how far I've planned them. A similar list of events started and the makings of a similar list of locations. I also have a purposed timetable of what I should be doing each day in order to a) not over lode myself and b) get everything done on time. We shall see how that turns out.
I'll post tomorrow to let you know how far things have got and what my plan for next week is.

Just really wanted to say that I was still alive and had bought new stationary. That is all.

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