Thursday, 21 October 2010

I just got yoghurt on the bed

Right now I'm sitting in bed checking blogs and emails and eating yoghurt. In about half an hour I'll have written this, showered, dressed and be preparing to clean the cooker. This is my life right now.

I moved in on Sunday, started cleaning on Monday. Took 5 hours to clean the bathroom, looked at the kitchen, cried, phoned mum. Tuesday saw mum and I spend the whole day cleaning the kitchen minus the cooker and the floor. Yesterday I went back to my parents for a break (and to watch tv). Today I'm cleaning the cooker so I can cook the first proper meal here (Domino's deliver so I've been eating lots of pizza so far) and I need to move all the boxes out the main bedroom so the new bed can be delivered.

If you haven't guessed, no writing has been done. No planning, no imagery work, not even a chance to pull the stuff out the bag and look at it. But once the cooker is done and the floor has been swept and mopped and all the boxes moved and the dinner is on, then I plan to find the bag my writing stuff is in and pelt my way through some more planning. That is, if I finish moving all the stuff I need to move before dinner is ready because after dinner I have to go to a meeting with the entertainment people for the wedding.

And in case, like Melanie, you have no idea what is going on here let me give you a brief bio. I'm 21, a part-time, study-at-home student with Open University who is not currently studying just now (but starts again in Feb), I get married in 9 days so have moved out of my parents house into the flat my husband and I will be living in. I'm planning on taking part in NaNoWriMo this year despite the fact I'm on my honeymoon for the first 2 weeks of it. It'll be a challenge but I like challenges.

And now that I've dropped the spoon and got yoghurt on the bed clothes, I should probably go shower and get on with my day.

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  1. Man! All that at 21? (Married! WOW!)

    I just turned 20. You boggle the mind!
    Keep it up? Or try not to get too stressed. (I know, lame comfort is lame.)

    Let writing be your day spa. :)