Monday, 11 October 2010


I wish I could blame injuries for the lack of posts around here recently, or even spending loads of time working on the planning. Alas, the truth is I've been hunting for a new car, organising a new bank account and doing other boring grown up things.

I'm also currently packing up my room to move on Saturday, which is how I managed to sprain my wrist last night. Stepping over boxes a few hours ago a pulled a muscle in my neck which still hurts as does my food which has just stopped bleeding after I stood on a needle which kindly decided to embed itself in my skin.

Friday I'm at a wedding so don't even think I might post then, I may give you a video on wednesday if I remember not to pack my camera before then. Sorry folks, it's chaos here at the moment

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  1. Wow, that's a harsh round of things gone bad :-( Sprained wrist, twisted neck muscle and a needle stabbed into your skin. yeah...that's rough. Good luck with the move. Why are you moving? Aren't you in school? Why do I think you live on campus at a university??? I'm totally confused? Anyway, feel better. Big hugs. Take it one day at a time (or maybe in your case, one hour at a time :-) )