Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Having a writing day.

Thank you to the three of you who left lovely messages on my last post. The honeymoon was awesome if rather wet and cold. We're now back home in our nice new flat and I've been left at home today to work on NaNo while J goes trainspotting.

First thing I want to say that I promised a teaser from The List and I failed to put one up yesterday, this is partly due to me not having a clue what day of the week it is and partly because I knew today was coming. Today I have an exciting plan. This post is going to be a continuous blog post. Which means that after I post this I'll be updating it at intervals throughout the day to give you a bit of insight into how my day is going.

Right now it's just gone 10.30am, I woke up at 6.30 because we ha delivery coming this morning and were told it would be between 7 and 9. At 8am our new double bed arrived and J set it up before leaving so at some point today I get to take all the bedding and towels out the hall cupboard and store them in the bed drawers. Since then I've been catching up on 3 weeks of missed youtube videos and waiting on the mailman. Now I'm going to watch some more Dan3.0 until about 11 when I'll head through to the study to get sorted for writing.

Finished watching Dan3.0 videos, made a cup of tea and sorted the study out. Now loading up NaNo and opening my word files to see where I want to start today. Also decided I'm not very fond of oriental crackers, eating dried coconut instead. So not feeling motivated for writing just now.

Ordered lunch from Domino's to keep me going. So have stopped writing to eat a mini pizza. I have been writing (eventually) I've only done about 500 words but it's a start. When I start off again I'll be writing a big argument scene so that should take up a fair few words. I was hoping to write 10,000 words today but since my previous daily record is only 4,000 we'll see how that goes. For those wondering; no, I didn't get all the NaNo planning done that I wanted done but I got enough done that I'm happy with it and I'm not having to stop and work out things like place names and building layouts which is something that I struggle with from time to time on other projects. Anyway, 2 slices of pizza down and I'm going to try and write another couple of hundred words before I have any more. Or that's the plan at least.

After posting that last part I decided jut to eat the pizza (and the pizza sub) and watch youtube for a bit. a whole 15 minutes later my tablet died. I hadn't even saved today's work. Thankfully Open Office has a recover feature and I got it all back but still, must remember to always save often. My poor tablet had overheated so I spent a while tidying away bedding and counting towels (5 face cloths, 16 hand towels and 24 bath towels) and have only just got back on. Lets see if I can get some more writing done now.

Had a few more computer issues so only managed another 600 words so far. I'm also freezing though so that's not helping. I've pulled on an extra pair of woolly socks and am about to go hunting for a large fleece. Hopefully if I stop shivering I'll be able to type some more. Never going to hit 10,000 though. Maybe if I really try I'll get another 1,000 done but that would be all. I apologise for the boring rambly-ness of this post. Just be glad I don't use twitter to much.

Last addition of the day. Sicne my last post I've restarted my tablet 3 times, cried at the unfairness of it crashing a 4th time and gave up. J made dinner and we watched the first 40 minutes of Iron Man 2. Now he's finishing of the building of some shelves and I'm typing this and debating taking painkillers and heading to bed. I think all the shivering today has made me a bit ill as I seem to be running a fever. Oh well, nice new bed to sleep in tonight.

This was an odd little experiment, I kinda just wanted to see if it would come out at all interesting. I don't think it worked thought. If I ever do it again I need to have done a bit more than nothing and possibly include little snippets of writing. Leave your opinion in the comments below for me please. Regular programming will commence at some point soon, next Monday I think.

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