Sunday, 7 November 2010

No longer F.I.C

I got married!!!!

I'll try and get a photo or two up at some point but for now you'll have to take my word for it. It was a brilliant day and I think everyone who was there really enjoyed themselves. Obviously being married brings about a lot of changes, I now have to share my bed, I have to cook food for 2, I can't spend all day on the internet instead of doing housework and cooking and socialising with other human beings. It also means my name has changed.

FICWrites comes from my initials; Fiona I Campbell. But now my name has changed so tecnically I'm FIMWrites which just doesn't have the same ring to it I don't think. So I have the whole dilemma of whether or not to change my blog title, my username, my twitter, my vlog etc. Or is it okay to just keep it the same?
Someone did suggest that I keep FIC for YA chick lit and use my new name for YA fantasy since I write both in completely different styles. I have no idea so as yet it stays as FICWrites but opinions are welcome.

On another note, NaNoWriMo has begun!! I've only writing about half of what I should but I'm fine with that, after all I am still on honeymoon for another week. I've taken my list of events and have been picking one a day to write or add bits to which is going well so far. I've written some hysterical lines, some dramatic events and some real eye-rolling moments (Ah Derek how I love thee). From Tuesday on I'll post little teasers once a week for you all to enjoy (and laugh at because they'll be unedited). I'm hoping to have finished the first draft of the List by the end of the year and then start on edits in January.

Anyway, my husband is up and about and looking for breakfast so I best go and feed him before he starts cooking pizza for breakfast.


  1. a BIG congrats! i admire you - writing while on your honeymoon! Have agreat time :)


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sounds like the day was everything you dreamed.

    As for whether or not to change your name...I say no. You are still FIC and always will be. There is nothing wrong with identifying yourself as who you really are. Yes, you are married and have taken on a different name. Doesn't mean FIC is gone! At least that's how I look at it. When I got married, I changed my name as a teacher and then wished I hadn't. I started to mourn the loss of my maiden name and my married name was actually a little harder for the kids to pronounce haha. Anyway, on my Driver's license, credit cards, and bank accts (we still keep separate accts) I still use my maiden name. I often sign my name for other things with my last name hyphenated with my maiden and married name, but never just my married name. I just can't do it. Don't know why. But thankfully my husband doesn't care about it. I think he gets it :-)

  3. Big congrats!! I'd keep FIC, it's just a little thing (the blog) and maybe it'd be kind of nice to have something that reminds you of who you were before?

    Anyway, have fun on the honeymoon! Like that needed to be said. *walks away hitting her head*