Friday, 3 December 2010

The end of NaNo

First let me say that while I should have not only a repaired tablet but also my desktop pc back by now, I'm still on J's old laptop. It's been snowing and my parents can't to drive to my brother's house in the snow so it'll be after Christmas before I get my stuff back and there is no point in me kicking up a fuss because they're is no alternative.
Moving on..

NaNoWriMo finished a few days ago. It was a particularly eventful November for me, I had my honeymoon, I got mild hypothermia and I settled properly into the new flat. I failed to write 50,000 words but we knew that was more likely than me succeeding anyway. I got about 30,000 done. I think I'm about 3 quarter of the way there with The List so will be trying to finish the first draft over the course of this month ready to start edits in January.
If you were following how I planned for NaNo you'll know that I wrote out a list of plot points that I felt needed to be covered. this was everything from the big scenes to little bits of foreshadowing and character building. I then organised this into a timeline and have been working my way through all 76 points. I haven't done them in order, I just picked starting places and worked from there. As a result I have the end of the book written but not the start, I have most of the middle done but it doesn't join on to anything. It's a bit of a mess spread across 6 different files. It's slowly forming a book though.
I'm going to admit, some parts I hated even as I was writing them and some parts I'll be sad to cut to ribbons later but that's for editing and that's for January. Right now I just need to get more words down.

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