Friday, 3 December 2010

Oh we who are at the mercy of the voices in our heads.

Standing in the shower yesterday and I got hit by a wave of inspiration, what followed was 10 minutes of me arguing with my brain. I shall relay that conversation for you here.

Sensible Brain in bold
Silly Brain in itallics

"My mom always said that there were only 3 things to be afraid of; idiots who think they're smart, people with too much power and zombies. I always thought she wa joking about the last part."
"Sounds good but I have a project just now."
"But this one has zombies. Oh and where there is zombies there must be unicorns!"
"No... this sounds very middle-grade. I refuse to do it."
"But it'll be cool. It's fantasy, you like fantasy."
"It's middle grade! I already gave you chick-lit, I will not give you middle-grade too."
"But...Look. You get one MC who's got to find the unicorn horn to defeat the zombie hoard and one MC who's got to find the zombie brain to defeat the unicorn hoard."
"That does sound cool...."
"NO! I refuse to do this! It's not going to work. I can't do multiple points of view and... and..."
*Puppy-dog eyes*
*Sighs* "This will not end well."

Ah my brain, a wonderful place... some of the time.
I'm thinking this will live forever in the folder marked 'brain farts'.


  1. Oh my gosh this is so cool. Unicorns versus zombies.... so so so awesome.

  2. No Race, nooo! I must atleast finish The List and get it ready for betas before I start soemthing new.

  3. "Yeah, one day years from now those giant powers will tell their kids about us."
    "Two snails, one legend."

  4. "I'm an enigma wrapped in a conundrum with a riddle on the gift tag"

    "And what does that mean?"

    "That means you better watch your mouth, or watch what happens."