Monday, 10 January 2011

Lots of stuffs

So I missed Friday and I honestly can't remember why since I don't think J or I did very much that day. Shall we start with the info about The List I promised?

This week I've started work on it again, I estimate it's between 15 and 20k from being finished so am giving myself 2 weeks to get that all done. Then it will just be a case of sorting it into the right order and starting the fun process of editing! I'm going to pretend I'm looking forward to that and maybe I'll convince myself that it really won't be that bad. Editing is hard, you should see what happens when I edit essays... there are many tears there. And I don't even care about the essays, The List is my baby.
*deep breath*
It'll be fine when we get there.

Now, I mentioned last week that I'm planning a little competition. This will be a special competition related to The List so, you know, can't take place till I at least finish the first draft. It will take place EITHER when I reach 30 subscribers OR after the first round of The List edits. This competition will be special for 2 reasons, one being the way it will be awarded (more on that when it starts) and the second being the prize. This competition will be to award one lucky person the first ever read through of The List before any other beta readers get hold of it. Sound good? Stay tuned because that may well be happening at the beginning on next month.

Now Mondays are normally book review day but I have cut two of my knuckles making typing difficult so you will have to wait until Wednesday for my review of Ally Condie's Matched.


  1. Do you want the winner to beta it?

    Sounds like fun though. I tried and failed at a compettition. Must master google forms...

  2. All will be explained at the time.
    I figure at least 4 people read this regularly, so at leat 2 people will enter. Only 1 winner so it should be okay.
    That or it will drag thousands here and I'll have to wade through lots of entries :)