Wednesday, 5 January 2011

My Study

There was supposed to be a video to go along with this but technical difficulties felt otherwise inclined to let you have one.

Our new house (apartment really) has a spare bedroom. This room houses, surprisingly, a single bed and an extra single mattress for guests who might want to stay. It also houses my pet finches, the book case for my course books and a desk. Oh and usually at least one rack of clothes fresh out the wash and trying to try in the warmest room in the house.
It's a bit multi-purpose, it's a bit cramped at times and it smells a bit funny most of the time but I lovingly refer to it as 'my study'.

I have a tiny desk with my tablet and a printer on it. I have drawers full of pens, pencils, notepads and assorted stationary. I have a widow, I have birds to watch. What more could I possibly want? It is from here that 3 times I week I'll be posting from and hopefully here that 5 times a week I'll be writing. I'll also be studying and job hunting from here as well and generally surfing the net.

It's nice to finally have a specific place to do these things as I get a whole lot more done than if I sit in the lounge. It seems like I need to have a purpose if I'm in the study. Hopefully this means more writing will be done and we'll be on to edits soon.
Do you have a set place to write and work? Is it as multi-purpose as mine?
Stay tuned for some List news and a competition tease on Friday.

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  1. This place sounds so cool! The perfect quiet place to write with your birds and a window! Awesome.