Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Obligatory New Year post

Yes, I know it's now the 4th, and that it's not even Monday. I had being going to do this yesterday but something else came up that took me all day to sort out. I'm sure none of you mind anyway.

So, new year, new pile of books to review, new writing group to go to, new resolutions.

Let's start with the resolutions... but let's call them 'aims' instead.
1) I aim to post a blog every Mon/Wed/Fri (doing well on that so far).
2) I aim to comment on 3 blogs per day (I realise I may need to increase my blog reading to do this).
3) I aim to tweet at least 3 times a day (I should probably add 'and make them sensible' to this... but I wont).
4) I aim to post at least twice a day on Absolute Write
5) I aim to read and review 1 book per week.
6) I aim to post 1 video per week
7) I aim to have The List query ready by the end of the year.
8) I aim to get a paying job.
9) I aim to pass my University course this time around.
10) I aim to exercise 3 times a week

There, that should do it. Mainly I want to gain more writerly friends, which is why I've also joined a local writing group that started as an off-shoot from NaNoWriMo.

Tomorrow I'll post a bit about my new study and possibly a video tour of my house and on Friday I'll let you all know where things stand with The List and what's happening there. I'll also tell you a bit about a competition I'll be running soon.


  1. I very much approve of your resolutions. It will be great to see you out and about on AW! :D

  2. I'm failing at a lot of it so far but I have all year to improve.