Monday, 7 February 2011

So apparently we're moving.

The day after my last post my husband came home and announced that the landlord would not let us extend our lease, she wants to reclaim the property. So we have 2 months to find somewhere else to live. This would be made easier if we knew where husband was going to be based for the next while. He's going to talk to his boss at some point this week and then I might well be phoning my aunt to get advice on buying a house. See this being a grown-up? Sucks at times.

Now, I promised a book review of Zombies vs Unicorns but it really needs a post of it's own to do it justice so instead have a bit a found in my story box this morning. You'll just have to guess where it's from because even I'm not sure (not to self :Untitled1 is a bad file name).

I signalled Vladimir to come closer, I had to tell someone what the Commissioner General was planning and he seemed like the best choice, even if I didn't fully trust him. Split followed us outside so I sat on the wall glaring at him till Vladimir got the hint and sent him back inside. Slowly I started to explain what had happened at the robbery, keeping my voice low in an effort to keep it steady. Despite my efforts he must have worked out how worked up I was because he pulled me to his chest stopping me before I could explain about Tom and Sam. He wrapped his arms around my and gently asked if Steff and I had been hit by the beam. I tensed, "We were busy saving lives," I said, hoping the dodged truth didn't shine through. His posture changed, I wondered if he had heard what he wanted to hear. He stepped away from the wall pulling me to my feet, he wrapped my arms around his back, "Hold on tight." I had barely got a grip when we took to the air. This wasn't like jumping, I had no control over this. This was flying, pure and simple. I moved my head to look up at Vladimir, he ginned down at me so I looked away again watching the rooftops float by. "I don't always have to transform to take flight," he said and I wondered how we came to be exchanging deadly secrets when before we had only tolerated each other for Steff's sake. Flight was a way more useful Taint than jumping and very uncommon, if the Commissioner General ever found out Vladimir would be taken in or eliminated for sure.

We touched down a moment later and I released my grip, thanking him with a smile. I took him inside to meet Sam and Tom and let them explain their story. As everyone chatted I studied Vladimir, he seemed genuinely concerned about the guys. Maybe Steff was right and he could be trusted. I leaned closer to him and whispered, "Do you want to know what I can really do?" "Oh yes please." The voice came from behind me, right from the mouth of the Commissioner General himself. I turned back to Vladimir, an apology in my eyes as I said in my best stroppy voice, "I can walk away from here and back to a normal life." I moved before the Commissioner General and his goons could stop me, pushing through the door at the back of the bar and bumping into Raven. I must have sounded pissed when I asked where Steff was because she actual answered me for once. I headed out to the courtyard where a concerned Tink told me Steff was up on the wall before I had even opened my mouth to ask. That was how I knew I'd find her with at least 3 bottles. I was just pulling myself up beside her when the Commissioner General appeared, damn that man could move fast. "Why not jump?" He asked, his grin betraying what he really meant. "I'm tired," I snarked back taking a bottle of White from Steff who was eyeing the Commissioner General with as much mistrust as her drunken state would allow.