Friday, 15 April 2011

Slowly coming back.

Slowly I'm making my way back into the blogosphere, slowly I'm making my way back to writing and slowly I'm getting my life to resemble something that doesn't make me feel like a waste of space.

Since I last posted I've moved house, spent a terrifying day in hospital (which left me with an awesome bruise on my arm and some sad news but I am okay now, just a little tired and emotional), I've learned to crochet, gained a sister-in-law and made some headway in deciding what to do once my current university module is over.

I've also been spring cleaning, both the house (in a 'why on earth do I still own this, chuck it out' kind of way) and my blog dashboard. So I now only follow 15 blogs and even that number may drop in a few weeks. I felt a bit guilty about this when I started clearing them out as I figured I should be following everyone who's following me. Then I realised that your reasons for following a blog may be different from my reasons for following someone and really I don't have time to read the 30-odd blogs I was following never mind reply sensibly to any of them. So 15 it is for now.

Not much more to say. I would promise a book review on Monday but we'll see how I feel when we get there.