Tuesday, 16 August 2011

More news, decisions etc.

Yes yes I abandoned you again, I'm sure you're used to it by now.

Anyway, the big news and the reason I've been hiding away and not posting is because I've been ill. Close to 17 weeks of illness in fact. 17 weeks and 3 days to be precise and I know that because the little app on my phone tells me this is how many weeks pregnant I am.
That's right folks, I'm growing a human!

I have really low blood pressure and a tendency to urine infections so it's not been an easy 17 and a bit weeks and writing really hasn't been anywhere near the front of my mind. Well, except for when I'm supposed to be writing assignments and would rather be doing anything else. I'm getting very tired very quickly (sleeping for 10-12 hours most nights and napping in the afternoon) so you'll have to bear with me. However, I have made a few decision which affect this blog and my writing and all that sort of stuff that you actually want to know about.

I have a wonderful love/hate relationship with my studying right now. When I get an interesting topic I love it, when the topic is boring or I have to write another stupid essay I hate it. So that combined with future babyness means I'll be taking a break once this course is done (End of September) for about a year. Sort of. I'll be reading over all the bits from this module that I've skipped so that I can actually say I've completed it and to get my moneys worth from it. I'll also be doing a few Open Learn (Read: free) courses mainly on study skills, writing and future course related things. Stay tuned for more on this as I have a plan that get's you guys involved too.

This has been put on a break for now. Partly because I'm STILL waiting on Race getting back to me about TL and it's future and partly because I haven't had the energy to sit at a computer and type for any length of time (I've mainly been watching TV or reading stuffs). After this September my plan is to scour the internet for some competitions, probably just flash fiction and short stories and try some of them out for size. I'm not out to win vast quantities of money, just get a bit more writing done and hopefully a deadline and an incentive will help that. So if you hear of any interesting competitions over the next year let me know.

Vlogging wont be happening unless someone asks for something specific. Editing has to be done on the huge desktop computer with it's uncomfy chair and it can take ages. I did enjoy vlogging but I doubt anyone will miss it.
Blogging may become more frequent, hopefully it will but you'll need to give it time to get there. If you're interested in my personal life rather than just my writing life then tough, if I don't know you enough for you to already have my personal blog address you're not likely to be getting it any time soon. This blog will be solely for writing stuff, with obviously an odd mention of private stuff if it needs to be made public (like in January when this baby is due).

I think that covers everything. At the very least I'll be posting at the end of September when my module finishes but until then I can't promise anything.

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