Thursday, 25 August 2011

My planner.

This arrived in the mail yesterday:

Shiny new student planner. It has your typical homework diary bits but also blank timetables, finance sheets, useful websites, address pages, information on common spelling mistakes. Load of useful little bits. There's a page from my old one stuck to the fridge because it lists what counts as a portion of fruit or veg.

I've already gone through and added in the last few dates for the course I'm currently doing and all the important birthdays and hospital appointments I have. So now I get to sit back and fill it with fun stuff. Open learn courses I want to do, competitions I want to enter, when I need to post new blogs, that kind of thing. Hopefully (if I don't loose it in a cupboard like I did the last one) it'll keep me a lot more organised and things will actually get done. I just need to work out how to get everything into the diary in a sensible order.

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