Monday, 26 September 2011

Planning for a year.

Shiny new student planner is now looking rather full for next year. Either I'm slightly insane to be attempting to tackle so much plus a baby or ... well let's face it, I'm slightly insane. Would you like a look at how my diary has filled itself?

First I put in all the hospital dates I currently have booked, those are important. Then I added in all the birthdays and anniversaries that I need to keep track of in an attempt to not forget them or to be sitting the day before my parent's 25 wedding anniversary thinking "Opps, I was supposed to send a card already" (Not that I'm currently doing that... no, not at all :/).

The I headed over to OpenLearn, a website linked with my university (Open University) that offers free, internet-based cut down sections of courses. No tutors, no assignments, no recognition, just the materials and a student forum to chat to others doing the same course. I ended up with a list of 14 courses I wanted to do. Some are cut down versions of courses I've actually already taken as full length tutor lead modules but I'd like a refresher. I then took note of how many study hours each took and worked out an order to do them all in. Here's the list of courses in order:

Learning how to learn
Reading and note taking
What is good writing?
Approaching prose fiction
Writing what you know
Start writing fiction *
Reading Great Expectations
Introducing the Classical world
Improving learning performance
Extending and developing thinking skills
Reading evidence
Essay and report writing

As you can see there's a kind of system here, some general learning courses, some writing courses then more intense learning courses. In theory, taking 1 hour 20 minutes 3 times a week, this list should take less than a year to complete and that included time off for holidays. We shall see though.

Then I had to add in a few extras, I really want to improve my basic maths skill so I have a mental maths book and 2 other workbooks to get through doing a few pages each week. I also never learned cursive writing so tend to print when I write rather than joining up my letters. I have a handwriting book to work through to help with that.

Then I decided that 200 words a day of writing was totally do able (though I did put it down to 100 for Jan-Mar due to baby) so I wrote that in too. And blog posting needs to get done so I've scheduled in updates to my personal blog on a Monday and this blog on a Friday starting from the first week in October.

I'm still debating whether or not to add housework to my lists just to remind myself to do it. Might add it for the first few months and see how it goes, I figure the more I have written in my 'to-do' section the more likely it is to get remembered than if I cross off the studying stuff and think I'm done for the day when there's bathrooms to be cleaned and soup to be made.

There you go, one rather full looking year. Except I doubt that what I've written in will take more than 3 hours each day if it even takes that so maybe I'm not as insane as first thought.
Right now I have an essay due on Friday, 2000 words on the uses of Roman villas - thrilling stuff so I should be working on that rather than making this long post any longer.

*Stay tuned for more announcements on this one early next year. It's a course I've done in full before and I have an interesting plan for it this time around.

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