Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How to stress yourself out

Steps to a stressful life.

First have a husband be ill from stress for the last 7 weeks of your pregnancy.
Then have your first ever baby. Wait 4 weeks while your husband only works some of the days and hours he's ment to then have him announce he's changing job and you are all moving house... in the next 2 months.
Spend a mad few weeks house hunting and packing while husband still fails to work all the time he should and you fail to do much because baby just wants to be fed.
Move house.
Spend then next while with no idea where most of your stuff is. Having almost no space I'm the kitchen helps because you need to find alternative storage for pots and pans and food. Also make sure you don't actually own enough furnature, I recommend a lack of wardrobes and comfortable seating.
Also change health visitor so you have no support for the first few weeks, have no idea where the nearest mother and baby group are and wonder if you'll spend the next year alone in your new house.
Oh and somewhere within all that develop post natal depression.

So yeah, that's why the lack of blog posts. I also killed my laptop making it harder to access the internet to blog. Oh well, at least I have a wonderful husband and a gorgeous baby boy and they more than make up for the bad stuff.