Sunday, 13 May 2012


As I lounge here in bed with a baby asleep on top of me (Yes I should be sleeping if he his, no I won't put him in his cot - I want cuddles), mucking about on my shiny new netbook (Acer Aspire One D257, a gift from Darling Husband) I realised I could just as easily be blogging as checking facebook, listing stuff on ebay or playing Virtual Villagers.

So here is a blog.

First of all, blogger changed while I was away. Not sure I like the new look but it's not harder to use and it's still free so I'll get used to it. Secondly I had to delete a comment on my last post (bad grammar and a request I kiss feet?). But now we're all good to go. Things in my life are settling down, the house is coming together, the post natal depression has finally gone and baby takes longer naps and doesn't require me for all his entertainment. So not blogging is really down to laziness and being out of the habit.

Hopefully I'll manage one blog a week from now on we shall see though, you might get more. If the PND comes back you might get less. If you have any suggestions/requests for topics/blogs pop them into comments and I'll do my best.

Oh and because he's so cute here's a picture of my little time muncher:

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