Thursday, 7 June 2012

A schedule me think will be a clever plan.

Some of you may remember back to a time when I did writing challenges and book reviews and teasers and such. Well, I'm thinking of getting back to that.

Probably slowly at first, probably with some kind of posting schedule too. See I think the problem is that I don't really know 'what' to post about but I'm still trying to post so I end up not posting. You follow? So maybe a schedule with set things to post on would help.

The only question is... what to start with. The writing challenges were easiest but work better with audience participation of which this blog has little to none. Book reviews might work but I'm only finishing one every month at the moment, not the 3 or 4 a week of before, unless you want reviews of baby books. What about something new and exciting? Then I'd have to think of what.
any suggestions?

I've put a reminder into my phone to blog on Monday. Guess I'll just have to see what I feel like posting when they day comes and go from there but hopefully whatever I post will be a weekly thing from now on. Or as weekly as I can manage.

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